WooCommerce is one of the most popular self-hosted e-commerce platforms.

WooCommerceWe love it because its comparatively easy to customise (compared to a heavy system like Magento) and has a huge library of free or very reasonably priced extensions. This allows us to seamlessly integrate WooCommerce with payment gateways, shipping providers and even back-office software. Our clients love WooCommerce because it’s easy to use and offers the same simple content publishing tools as WordPress.


WooCommerce is regularly audited by Sucuri, a global leader in web security, so we know the core of WooCommerce is robust and secure. Our lean approach to development virtually eliminates the risk of vulnerabilities. As with all components of WordPress, updating WooCommerce is just a simple 2-click process that anyone can do!


WooCommerce can handle everything from a simple 10 product shop to a complex store with thousands of product and variations (think t-shirts with colours and sizes). Its fully modular system allows our clients to grow their businesses into their stores without the hassle and expense of complex redevelopment.

Responsive wordpress website design
NutriScience.ie – a bespoke WordPress powered e-commerce website


Unlike fully managed services like Shopify, WooCommerce and all the work you put into it remains yours. Other than web hosting and credit card fees, there’s no ongoing cost or percentage of sales. You own your data and it’s not subject to the whims of the ever-changing global software industry. For example, what if Amazon decided to buy out Shopify and force everyone onto their platform? With WooCommerce, your site is yours, 100%


As open-source software, WooCommerce is maintained by a global community of talented developers numbering in the hundreds of thousands. This means that any core security or functionality improvements are free, quick to arrive and super easy to deploy. While most of our customers are super happy to take their sites and work away, we offer comprehensive support offering to our website clients.

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